International Prize Winner Dr. P.J. Swerts might share with you as professional composer valuable feedback on your composition or orchestration drafts. Book your private session and after payment we will establish an appointment online through Collaborate, Zoom or Skype. The fee includes all preceding communication, reviewing and studying drafts or portfolios in order to prepare the coaching session itself so that the session time will be utilized in an optimal manner. Dr. Swerts has full experience as professional composer since 1981, working exclusively on base of commissions for many major professional orchestras as well for individuals or chamber music ensembles and is very much aware of handling contracts, fees, royalties, publishing and preparing materials.

The session can be hold in English or Dutch as well. (Nederlands)

Dr. Swerts perfectly understands German and French as well.

Book a free introductory meeting to see if Dr. Swerts and you are on the same page when it comes to topics about composition and orchestration: go to the ZE-Digital Session

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