New Consortium for a tenor saxophone commission

Dr. Jeff Vickers, professor of saxophone at the

Northern Michigan University started up a new Consortium of 30 subscribers in order to commission dr. Swerts a new work for tenor saxophone and piano.  The work should be completed September 2023 and will be presented by Jeff Vickers and the composer himself at the World Saxophone Congres in Gran Canaria 6-10th of December of the same year. Current subscribers are

#1Jeff Vickers (US)

#2 Steve Carmichael (US)

#3 Chris Anderson (US)

#4 James Barrera (US)

#5 Michael Bovenzi (US)

#6 Diane Hunger (Germany)

#7 Matthew Padnode (US)

#8 Nathan Henshaw (Australia)

#9 Christopher Carbonneau (US)

#10 David Stambler (US)

#11 Drew Hosler (US)

#12 Joshua Thomas (US)

#13 Matthew Mahaffey (US)

#14 Michael Christensen (US)

If you are interested to join please contact dr. Vickers at